01. Histo-LABS - Historian for a Day

Valencian and Spanish (please contact with us about other languages)
1 h. 30'
Addressed to: 
Second Cycle of Secondary Education / Bachiller



Experimental workshop over the historic method, with emphasis on analysis, formulation of hypotheses, and obtainment of conclusions.



What will we do?


The workshop will begin with an explanation of the aspects to take into consideration when analyzing an object from an investigative angle: form, material, decoration, function, chronology, context, etc.


Next, in organized groups, the participants will practice what they have learned by studying and comparing different pieces to find similarities and differences, and come to a conclusion about the pieces. Finally, they will share their observations, teaching the participants how to give a presentation.


The contents of the activity are determined and adapted to the group´s needs. You can choose a general workshop, to work on a specific historical age, or even to center your focus on specific types of objects: archaeological pieces, works of art, or documents.