Educational Project


Education is one of the most important elements of a museum, essential to developing future leaders that help our society progress.


Educating is more than transferring knowledge, such as shaping values, building social skills, and fostering intellectual curiosities. The museum's informal and relaxed environment is the ideal place to foster growth.

Our commitment to teaching is reflected throughout the Museum of Valencian History (MvH), from the design and layout of permanent exhibits to temporary exhibits and events. All these factors play a role in presenting a coherent and thought-provoking experiences for both children and adults.


The MvH’s educational events include:


  • EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM: Aimed towards young learners for the 2016-2017 academic year.


  • LEISURE ACTIVITIES: The MvH hosts activities that are diverse and appeal to all ages, changinging throughout the year, both in content and schedule.





MvH’s educational program has activities scheduled throughout the year. It takes advantage of the museum’s educational exhibits, supplements them with activities that reinforce ideas learned in the classroom, and introduces other aspects of education (creativity, notions of the past, social relations, etc.).



The program includes a wide range of events and activities that fit well with formal education, such as the following:

- guided tours: teaching  academic content customized for different age levels

- dynamic exhibits: discovering history in an active, playful, and participatory ways

- workshops: complementing the above with hands-on experience



In addition, we have adapted these visits for the Center for Special Education of Valencia and the Preference Integration Center of Valencia. These activities can be carried out in different languages other than Spanish and Valencian, such as English, French, etc


All the events and activities of this educational program can be adapted to different educational levels or to the interests of particular groups.



Histo-LABS is a program with the aim of exploring the historical method and the assisting disciplines of history.


Participants will be have an opportunity to understand archeological principles, use excavation or material classification techniques, learn to read an ancient document or inscription, interpret an image, and read between the lines of a press notice. All of these and many more are skills used daily by historians in their different capacities.


The Histo-LABS program introduces to participants the impassioned world of constructing a history from sources, compiling information, and formulating hypotheses and arguments.


The program is meant to be a "laboratory" for the dissemination and investigation of history, which explores different forms of experimentation and collaborative learning, especially considering the discovery, cooperation, and exchange of information and experience between participants.




Every city and every country have experienced historical evolution over time. Each new civilization leaves remnants of itself behind.


The LEGACIES project aims to help students learn about the legacy of Valencia and discover the connections of the legacy, which have been received and passed on for generations. As a result, we have developed different workshops focusing on specific aspects of our history that have lasted until the present, which are part of our distinctive history.


We aim to cultivate and awaken the critical thinking of the students, especially when they are at the level where the content is suitable for their age. This will help them develop their own sense of connection with history.


The workshop is formatted in a way to encourage interaction and active participation within the groups. Staff members will act as facilitators and collaborate with students in these workshops. The Museum’s educational center will provide each student with a teaching guide and a digital learning notebook, guiding each student through each phase of the activity.




Les Activitats d'oci i temps lliure consisteixen en un conjunt de propostes, de format i desenvolupament molt divers, dirigides a diferents segments de públic i que van canviant al llarg de l'any, tant en contingut com en horari de realització.
En general, sempre hi ha algun tipus d'activitat de temps lliure durant el cap de setmana i en període vacacional, estes últimes en particular dirigides al públic infantil.