Year-long Educational Program




MvH’s educational program has activities scheduled throughout the year. It takes advantage of the museum’s educational exhibits, supplements them with activities that reinforce ideas learned in the classroom, and introduces other aspects of education (creativity, notions of the past, social relations, etc.).



The program includes a wide range of events and activities that fit well with formal education, such as the following:

- guided tours: teaching  academic content customized for different age levels

- dynamic exhibits: discovering history in an active, playful, and participatory ways

- workshops: complementing the above with hands-on experience



In addition, we have adapted these visits for the Center for Special Education of Valencia and the Preference Integration Center of Valencia. These activities can be carried out in different languages other than Spanish and Valencian, such as English, French, etc


All the events and activities of this educational program can be adapted to different educational levels or to the interests of particular groups.