05. History in scenes.

Year-long Educational Program
Valencian and Spanish (please contact with us about other languages)
2 h.
Addressed to: 
Third Cycle of Primary Education / First Cycle of Secondary Education









A workshop that provides a dramatized account of moments from Valencia´s history to further delve into the city´s past.



What will we do?


We will delve into different historic moments, that will be explained with the help of educators, about the displayed objects in the windows and the images that appear behind them. Participants will then focus their attention to the images to answer the following questions: Who are the people that appear in the images? What are they doing? How are they dressed? Why did they choose this expression and not another?


To respond to these occasional questions, we will investigate the museum. We know that to represent each image we must try to reproduce it by mimicry. For this, each participant chooses a person and imitates their posture and attitude, trying to create a scene identical to the original. When we reach it...Quiet!... Do not move!....Photo.


Then, in the Multipurpose Room, we will compare the result and each participant will explain their character. Finally, we will make an assessment of what has been learned.