Coming soon the Museum of History of Valencia will present its new temporary exhibition “L’argila de la mitja lluna”


The exhibition makes a tour through the history of Valencian Islamic ceramics, from the constitution of the Emirate of Córdoba to the Christian conquest, with pieces that come from the excavations carried out in the city for the last 35 years and a selection of pieces brought from other parts of Al-Andalus that helps to understand the different archaeological contexts.


The sample is divided in five blocks: emirates, caliphate, taifa, north-African period and the epigraphy in the ceramics. Among the non Valencian pieces, the works of Cordoba, Murcia, Cocentaina, Xativa, Denia and Mallorca stand out. The comparison between the local pieces and the foreign, shows the significant coincidences while reflects some of the archaeological debates of the last few years about that historical period of time.


 “L’argila de la mitja lluna” has an important aesthetic component because when we talk about the Andalusian ceramic, we talk about beauty as well as utility.

 There’s also a sample of carved texts in ceramics, testimonies of the importance that the Islam gave to the written word.


The exhibition will be accompanied with various conferences and complementary activities. We will inform soon about them.