Valentia (138 b.c - 711 a.d)

Valentia is one of the oldest Roman cities of the Hispania. Founded in 138 B.C. it was filled with discharged soldiers from the army. The city rapidly prospered reaching to mint currency. However, in 75 BC, because of the civil wars in Rome, the city was destroyed and was abandoned for nearly half a century until its reconstruction during the reign of Augustus Caesar.

In the second half of the 1st century A.D. the city grew decisively as new settlers arrived and new public buildings were constructed. However, in the decline of the Roman Empire in the 3rd century, entire districts of the city were abandoned. Afterwards, the city lived under the influence of the Visigoths after 546 AD. The city then became part of the Kingdom of Toledo in 571 AD, during the reign of Leovigildo.

At this time, the church occupied positions of power as it emphasized the figure of Bishop Justinian, who sought a fleeting period of splendor.