Rules and Recommendations


- Before you come…prepare for your visit


- When you arrive at MhV you must

   understand these

   rules and recommendations


- At the end of your visit do not forget…


- Information for groups

Museum services

  • TELEPHONE INFORMATION: 963 70 11 05  / 963 70 11 78




-At Reception, you will find a plan of the museum with details of the following information.

-Supplementary Guides: for the permanent Museum exhibition allow you to fully enjoy your visit. All audiovisuals in the museum are in Valenciano, Español, English and French. The text on the display windows and panels are in Valenciano and Español, but a supplementary guide for all texts is available upon request at Reception. Supplementary guides are available in English, French, Italian and Braille.


  • COAT-CHECK AND LOCKERS: For security purposes, it is mandatory to store purses, backpacks, and large ítems, such as umbrellas or sharp objects, in the lockers provided.


  • GIFT SHOP/BOOKSTORE: Books, exhibition catalogs and souvenirs to help you remember your visit are available for purchase. Located near Reception,  the gift shop and bookstore remain open with the same schedule as the Museum. Please ask Reception to access the gift shop and bookstore.


  • ACCESSIBILITY: Universal accessibility is one of the primary objectives of MhV. We are working to guarantee access to the museum for all of our visitors. Please consult offered services.


  • EDUCATIONAL: You can  reserve guided tours, workshops, and other recreational activities. Special guides will introduce you to the history of this building and they will guide you into the past of the city. More information is available at the complete guide of activities.


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact us. Your opinion is important to us and  helps us to improve.