Rules and Recommendations


- Before you come…prepare for your visit


- When you arrive at MhV you must

   understand these

   rules and recommendations


- At the end of your visit do not forget…


- Information for groups

General guidelines for groups


If you are responsible for a group, it is advisable for you to know:



-A minimum of 10 people is required to be considered a group.


-Each group will have at least one person in charge, who will accompany the group during the entire duration of the visit, so that the group is free to be guided by an educator of the museum.


-The MhV reserves the right to take photos or audio recordings of the activities for their archives. Furthermore, for security reasons, there are surveillance cameras in the zones of public access. If the group has knowledge of anyone, especially if they are underage, who does not wish to appear in these images, it would be advisable to communicate this to us prior to the visit, so that we may be able to respect their right to privacy.



For arrival at MhV:



-The person in charge of the group should go directly to Reception, while the group waits outside.


-Once inside the museum, group members should leave their things (backpacks, bags, etc.) in the checked lockers or in designed carts provided for them.


-It is recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your visit in order to begin at the established time. If the group is late, please alert us by phone at 963 70 11 05. If the delay is more than 15 minutes, the Museum is not able to guarantee the entirety of the visit because it may affect arrangements with other groups.



During the visit:


-For independent visits: the group is able to utilize the resources they prefer for an autonomous visit.


-In the case of guided visits: you will receive educators who will lead a dynamic journey through the museum. The activity begins from there, directed by the aforementioned educators but always with the active participation of the person in charge of the group.



When you visit the museum, you contribute to the care of our common culture.

Your collaboration is necessary. Please respect the guidelines (in accord with our legal legislation) and recommendations.


And when you finish the journey, you will not forget it…

Thank you for visiting us. We hope to see you again very soon.